James M. Murray was born in Ocilla, Georgia bust has resided in Miami-Dade County, Florida since 1945.  He graduated from Miami Northwestern Senior High School and attended College at Florida A&M University.  He has received extensive training in real estate investment and has completed course work in property selection, financing, analysis and property management.  Dr. Murray received his Bachelor of Religious Arts in Biblical Studies from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.  Following receipt of his Bachelor degree, he went on to earn both his Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology degrees from Jacksonville Theological Seminary.


During the 1960's, Dr. Murray worked as a foreman for Clark & Lewis Wholesale Groceries.  In 1969, God blessed Dr. Murray with his own busiiness.  He owned and operated Modern Fish & Seafood Market for thirty years while serving as a real estate investor, owner, landlord and prperty manager for various commercial and residential properties.  Shortly after Dr. Murray began to operate Modern Fish & Seafood Market, he recognized that God had a plan and purpose for his life.  In 1970, he fully committed his life to Jesus Christ.


Dr. Murray.was licensed and ordained as a minister on July 5, 1973.  After he was ordained as a minister, God called him to the office of Assistant Pastor.  Specifically, God called Dr. Murray to assist and learn from the great leadership of the Pastor and founder of The Soul Saving Station of Christ's Crusaders of Florida, Inc., Carolyn Sheffield.  This great woman of God was truly an example to Dr. Murray in that she preached and lived a life of holiness and dedication to God.  Pastor Sheffield's integrity and commitment to God helped Dr. Murray to stand through many years of service.


On December 2, 1998 God called home Dr. Murray's beloved mentor and elevated him to the office of Pastor.  After his more than twnty-five years of faithful service as the Assistant Pastor, Dr. Murray was officially installed as Senior Pastor of The Soul Saving Station of Christ's Crusaders of Florida, Inc. on March 13, 1999.  Since he has been in full time ministry, God has elevated Dr. Murray to numerous leadership positions within the body of Christ.


Currently, he is a member of the governing Board of Presbyters for the Soul Saving Station for Every Nation of the Christ Crusaders of America, International, Inc. and has served on the Board of Presbyters since 2001.  In addition, he serves as the treasurer of the Florida District Council of the Soul Saving Station for Every Nation of The Christ Crusaders of America, International, Inc.  Dr. Murray has also served as the Vice President for the City of Opa-Locka's Council of Clergy.


After 45 years of ministry and 17 years of serving on the governing Board of Presbyters, Dr. Murray was elevated to the high office of Bishop within the Soul Saving Station for Every Nation of the Christ Crusaders of America, International, Inc. on July 4, 2018.


Bishop Murray is married to Eula Murray and through their more than 55 year union together they have reared three children:  James Norman Murray, Sharon Murray, and Jason M. Murray.